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Rationale (XRAT) - Table of Contents

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Rationale (XRAT)

The XRAT document is part of the Base Specifications, Issue 6. The XRAT document has been published to assist in the process of review and understanding of the main text. It contains historical information concerning the contents of the Base Specifications, Issue 6 and why features were included or discarded by the standard developers. It also contains notes of interest to application programmers on recommended programming practices, emphasizing the consequences of some aspects that may not be immediately apparent.

This document is organized in parallel to the normative documents of the Base Specification, with a separate part (Parts A, B, and C) for each of the three normative documents. In addition, two additional parts are included: Part D, Portability Considerations and Part E Subprofiling Considerations. The Portability Considerations chapter includes a report on the perceived user requirements for the Base Specification and how the facilities provided satisfy those requirements, together with guidance to writers of profiles on how to use the configurable options, limits, and optional behavior. The Subprofiling Considerations chapter satisfies the requirement that the document address subprofiling. This contains an example set of subprofiling options.


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