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System Interfaces (XSH) - Table of Contents

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System Interfaces (XSH)

The XSH document is part of the Base Specifications, Issue 6. XSH describes a set of system interfaces offered to application programs by systems conformant to this part of the Single UNIX Specification. Readers are expected to be experienced C language programmers, and to be familiar with the XBD document.

This document is structured as follows:

  • Chapter 1 explains the status of this document and its relationship to other formal standards. The scope, conformance, and definitions sections are pointers to the XBD document; the sections are here to meet ISO/IEC rules regarding required sections. The terminology and portability codes are identical to the section in XBD and repeated here for ease of reference.

  • Chapter 2 contains important concepts, terms, and caveats relating to the rest of this document. This includes information on the compilation environment, the name space, definitions of error numbers, signal concepts, standard I/O streams, STREAMS, XSI IPC, realtime, threads, sockets, tracing, and data types.

  • Chapter 3 defines the functional interfaces to systems conformant to this part of the Single UNIX Specification. These are in the form of reference pages and are organized alphabetically.


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